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90 smooth rice enlarge allow country of issue an order in the morning and rescin

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A few days ago, construction ministry is announced on its website " the residence designs a point under 90 square metre " (ask for an opinion to stalk of grain) . Aim to carry out in this fulfil 90 square metre the following in small model in the file of residential policy, announce before this " the opinion that transmit of general office of the State Council builds the 9 branches such as the ministry to supply a structure to stabilize housing value about adjusting housing " a few standards are revised: Must be achieved to develop construction gross area by the regulation formerly of the 90 square metre of 70% above set model floor area, be relaxed to come 1.19 times what can amount to 90 square metre more highest, make an appointment with 107 square metre.

But, passed 1 day only, construction ministry sent pair of above opinion draft to give in the print on its website again revocatory announcement. Build a speech person, opinion draft does not accord with general office of the State Council and requirement of construction department document, abolish via considering to decide to give. So, "90 smooth rice " relapse of policy instead answer, return finally again essential, what kind of effect can this policy produce to living in an industry after all?

Ceramic tile small norms will become the mainstream

The personage inside course of study thinks, the adjustment of 90 smooth rice policy is not big to be being affected for ceramics industry. Above all, in similar program area, increase proportion of small family housing, mean increase a number, and each have kitchen, toilet, the market demand that such ceramic tile, clean has may increase.

Next, small family housing is decorated relatively simple, the ceramic tile of low price in meeting tendency, clean has owner. Especially ceramic tile, also can choose to be given priority to with small norms. But professional personage thinks, these change return meeting lag period of time, should wait for half an year possibly, ability body comes out now after a year.

Product of floor high end more be very popular

Emperor resembles Chen Danan of floor president assistant to think: The 90 change that smooth rice just measures, but the 90 words that smooth Mi Zhen is releasing the quantity of common people, so business chance will be infinite. He says: "The person that fry a room buys a house should be not decorated, however to earn money, the house of so much empty buy is not decorated, be opposite not only landed industry is influential, and to building materials industry especially floor industry has very big effect. And to building materials industry especially floor industry has very big effect..

How to believe Chen Gong of chief inspector of group sale center to think, this is the interest good news of floor industry. The house that after she is analysed, builds door model a lot of smaller, owner decreases with the investment at buying a house, the investment that is used at domestic outfit will be increased, meeting choice does more people to be decorated delicately, this can promote a floor especially the consumption of floor of high-grade fact wood.
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