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Stylist rate is carried out already formally 7 years

Beijing decorates association home to install the stylist rate that committee publishs 7 years to be carried out already formally. Although Beijing just begins to carry out, but collect fees in stylist of Shanghai, Nanjing had had very long time. Of Beijing " stylist collects fees reference standard " write clearly: General door model run-of-mill design is covered inside adornment area is in 80 smooth rice less than (contain 80 smooth rice) , project cost is in 30 thousand yuan of less than (contain 30 thousand yuan) engineering design collects fees by the project, every project designs cost to be 500 yuan; 4 layer above double entry door, alone villatic high quality scales decorates a design, set inside adornment area is in 80 smooth rice above (do not contain 80 smooth rice) engineering design, by set inside the collection of stylist qualification grade that decorate an area and designs according to undertaking a project designs cost, the design expends a standard by 20 yuan / smooth rice reachs 50 yuan / smooth rice differs, and Shanghai, Nanjing here of famous stylist collect fees have achieve 700 multivariate / makes the same score rice. The regulation publishs a lot of people to feel this is a good news to stylist, and it is a few more to owner burden.

The design collects fees it is for Beijing, it is later for the whole nation, be in other big in the city has closed, and the effect is very good, very much owner is in the position that accepts slowly, shanghai, Nanjing, Qingdao had closed for a long time, and it is mature to be in slowly. The design collects fees the first it is can normative market, the 2nd it is to pull open the difference between big company and small company, guerrilla. If an enterprise does not have his characteristic, very difficult second birth is put, progress continues. Make building decoration now, the design is the most important, it is project quality next.

Promote the demand to stylist

The design wants to collect fees, so the competence that stylist wants to have minimum. Stylist holds card circumstance to had been hanged in January 1 hang on the net. Give stylist so an attestation, this is very good do not pass. The stylist that possesses this qualification only just has the requirement that the design collects fees, this raised taller requirement to stylist from another respect. Of a stylist collect fees price, it is to close 100 or 500, decide from already all previous. After the design collects fees, must ask stylist abides by proper design to serve a standard, the association general design to eligible, standard serves make specific provision, those stylist that do not follow a standard will enter the blacklist of association likely, and by exposure.

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