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Level of new nation of electric water heater brings brigadier of controversy saf

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New nation level cites dispute

On July 1, 2007, have extraordinary sense to manufacturer of electric water heater, brigadier of award of security of state of water heater of report of this day of new edition is carried out formally, put forward more rigid security to ask to the production of electric water heater. However, cause shake with controversy is safe level not just to rise, however the name of a trade that the drag in in this one standard went to to hold patent to concern with place of Er of sea of magnate of domestic white report -- " the wall that defend report " . According to the report, sea Er group owns almost all patent " the wall that defend report " technology, because using safe field " have epoch-making sense " , in standard innovation respect " have outstanding contribution " , because this is written into standard of security of state of water heater of new edition report.

But still exist between the manufacturer to the controversy of this one view and new GB controversy, and consumer to what be " the wall that defend report " ? "The wall that defend report " of the 100 % when can you ensuring electric water heater is being used put an end to phenomenon of leakage of electricity? These problems still also are put in the place that indissoluble.

   The member that field survey sells a sales promotion has a view each

Recently, the reporter visited a capital with the identity of consumer a few famous home appliance sell, the upper part of the shop of electric water heater that discovers sea Er times together the card is very marked. Writing above " do you still have from the safety that wash bath? Yan? Yan? Yan Tian " , the means that times with the electron shows the date that safe level carries out. And at the same time, one demonstrates " the wall that defend report " technical electron is hanged board also was placed to be in conspicuous position. Should be asked about " the wall that defend report " when whether can accomplishing no risk at all to put an end to leakage of electricity, the sales promotion of sea Er shop member assure to the reporter with very positive tone: "Can assure completely, when using although be at ease! " this sales promotion member introduce, sea Er " the wall that defend report " the technology is OK the 220 V electric current the leak when leakage of electricity solves the safe electric current under 36 V in time giving water, because this can assure the safety of the user completely. "It is OK that manufacturer of some water heaters can say their leakage of electricity protects a technology in 0. 1 the dump inside second, but ground wire is live,do not pass protector of their leakage of electricity. So ' the wall that defend report ' the original part that is sea Er, how is otherwise written into national level? Wait after July 1, the water heater of other sign must use the technical talent of sea Er to sell. The water heater of other sign must use the technical talent of sea Er to sell..
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